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Recent Contests
LogosCarboro Carrier Group LLC $100Tue Sep 24, 2013closed
LogosNeed logo for for start-up Home Inventory Business $150Wed Aug 07, 2013closed
LogosGeneris Heathcare $100Sun May 13, 2012open
LogosLogo for game company: Binary Helix $150Thu Jan 26, 2012closed
LogosMachine Shop / Ecommerce Business Looking For Logo Upgrade $100Mon Oct 31, 2011closed
LogosOnline Language School $100Mon Sep 19, 2011closed
LogosLogo for Bouncy Castle Company [ 1 2 ]$100Thu Jul 14, 2011closed
LogosLogo for product to keep toys from going under sofa $100Thu Jun 16, 2011open
LogosNeed a new logo for BYTE.com (the online descendant of BYTE Magazine) $300Thu Jun 09, 2011closed
LogosLogo for Dance.net [ 1 2 ]$150Thu May 12, 2011closed
LogosLogo for "Dangerous" iPhone game $100Sat Mar 05, 2011closed
LogosLogo needed for DisinfectMyPC.com - $150.00 [ 1 2 ]$150Mon Jan 10, 2011pending files
LogosNasty Nate band logo $100Sun Jan 02, 2011closed
Logoslogo for the greek-american motorcycle club [ 1 2 ]$100Sat Dec 04, 2010closed
LogosUpgrade our corporate logo [ 1 2 ]$100Sun Nov 21, 2010closed
LogosLOGO! For a NEW online company $200Mon Nov 01, 2010closed
Printneed foldover tooth fairy card design & matching banner [ 1 2 3 4 5 ]$175Sun Oct 31, 2010closed
LogosJapan news site logo revamp! $100Sun Aug 22, 2010closed
LogosAssabet River Bicycles $130Fri May 21, 2010closed
Logos$200 for a creative logo that will receive national and international attention [ 1 2 3 ]$200Mon Dec 21, 2009closed
LogosLogo for DisinfectMyPC.com @ $125.00 [ 1 2 ]$125Tue Nov 17, 2009closed
LogosNeed logo/color scheme for new property management company. Want modern, creative, fresh design $150Tue Oct 13, 2009closed
Site ComponentsWebsite - Needs simple logo and colour scheme and maybe improved layout. $100Wed Jul 29, 2009closed
LogosOnline real estate sales company that owner finances deals for real estate investors and buyers $125Tue Apr 28, 2009closed
LogosYouth Ministry seeks logo that looks dynamic and powerful! [ 1 2 ]$100Thu Apr 16, 2009closed

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